Once every generation, a new revolution occurs – DentaLITH™ ceramic 3D printer by Old World Labs.

September 28, 2014


James Lantz





HAMPTON, VA – January 5, 2017 – Today, Old World Labs (OWL) announced the next step in dentistry evolution - the DentaLITH™ a multi material resin composite/ceramic solid printer revolutionizing the manufacture of approved materials for ceramic crowns and bridges as well as acrylic based surgical guides, corrective alignments, and nightguards for dental offices and dental labs. The DentaLITH™ system is based on extensive research in semiconductor manufacturing and NASA terraforming projects using particle suspension based polymers.

The DentaLITH™ has the capability to produce 1 to 50 units per three-hour cycle. The DentaLITH™ system reduces waste while maximizing productivity, bringing the groundbreaking capabilities of lab precision and mass production to address consumer needs from individual small practices to commercial scale labs. With waste minimization, zero tooling wear, and cost effective consumables, the DentaLITH™ helps improve the bottom line of dentistry worldwide. Having created multiple devices using similar technology ahead of its time, Old World Labs aims to cross the chasm between the “Digital Dentistry” revolution and consumers by introducing mass integration to the wide availability of dental scanners.  

Contact info@oldworldlabs.com to discuss distribution opportunities or open beta inquires.


About Old World Labs:

Old World Labs (OWL) is an additive manufacturing company based out of Hampton Roads. Founded in 2013 by Nicholas Liverman, OWL creates advanced processes and equipment to achieve extremely small features accurately using revolutionary infiltrated polymer based chemistry for scale. OWL develops, designs, and manufactures innovative products with high feature resolution that support automated chemical and industrial platforms enabling advanced solutions. OWL is committed to making sophisticated products using high-quality American made technology in the industry with an unmatched return on investment. If you can dream it, OWL can build it.


DentaLITH is a trademark of Old World Labs. 

For more information, visit www.oldworldlabs.com, and follow OWL on Twitter and Facebook.

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